James Murphy
Creator of Obscure Entrepreneur
Any Questions?

Why did you create Obscure Entrepreneur?  

Simply put, I want to change people who think they MIGHT have what it takes to make something for the world into people who KNOW they are fully CAPABLE of creating meaningful work and have an obligation to do so. So many of us have great ideas for a business, project, or side hustle but lack the skills, confidence, or motivation to take action. The goal of OE is to instill these assets into those who need it. OE is not just for aspiring entrepreneurs. It's for anyone who can benefit from being moved to take action and initiate an undertaking that has been weighing on their mind.

Why did you create Obscure Entrepreneur?

By presenting the stories, struggles, triumphs, insight, and wisdom of unique but relatable entrepreneurs, I believe that people will be inspired to get after it. The potency of seeing ourselves in others who have leaped reminds us of our own unlimited potential. This refreshed self awareness will lead to a meaningful response.

Why did you create Obscure Entrepreneur?

It was obscure entrepreneurs that inspired me to create Obscure Entrepreneur. I've often noticed the world is full of countless unassuming but highly tenacious leaders who have taken on important entrepreneurial ventures. Some of these creative entrepreneurs may already be financially successful while others are steady on their path to independence. However, what all share in common is they are living out their passion to make an impact. Some may not be polished but they're real. Some may not be the big box names you're used to hearing from but they are unique and just like you. I'm honored to bring you the stories, wisdom, and insights of each and every guest featured on Obscure Entrepreneur.