SheWorx Supports Growth with Yin Lin – OE023

SheWorx Supports Growth with Yin Lin – OE023

SheWorx is the brainchild of Yin Lin and Lisa Wang. It functions as a global support community for females who are serious about entrepreneurship. At their ticketed breakfast roundtables, hosted in five cities around the world, female founders get together and learn from one another as well as a guest mentor. The mentor at each breakfast is someone who has achieved success as an entrepreneur or investor and has knowledge on what it takes to scale a business. SheWorx is about harboring an ongoing discussion on what female founders can actively do to grow their companies and potentially receive funding.

• Yin tells us about SheWorx Co-Founder Lisa Wang and how the initial idea for SheWorx came together.

• Yin’s background and introduction into the entrepreneur lifestyle.

• The mission of SheWorx is to create parity in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

• Inspiration for creating SheWorx. “It started as an informal group.” – Yin

• Biggest obstacles for female entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their business.

• The importance of controlling whats controllable as a business leader.

• Initial steps for a female founder to acquire outside capital. “…she had to sit through 300 investor meetings before she got to her first check.” – Yin

• SheWorx breakfasts are in 5 cities across the world.

• Connecting with other female entrepreneurs and founders via social media.

• Parallels between marathon running and being and being an entrepreneur. “The most valuable thing I can envision in my mind is putting one foot in front of the other.” – Yin

• Nurturing the growth of SheWorx and slowly introducing mentors which increased momentum.

• What someone can expect who attends a SheWorx breakfast or a SheWorx event.

• The future of SheWorx is to create a cycle where accomplished female entrepreneurs mentor and fund other female entrepreneurs. Yin is excited about recently receiving 501(c)(3) status for the SheWorx foundation which will focus on high school and college entrepreneur education for the younger generation of women.

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