Selling as an Introvert with Luis Vázquez – OE008

Selling as an Introvert with Luis Vázquez – OE008

Luis Vázquez knows selling can be difficult for many introverts. His course “Find Your People” teaches those with solitary tendencies to prospect like a pro. As an introvert himself, Luis is aware he likes people but chooses to be cautious about how he expends energy. He wants introverts to realize they may genuinely have an interest in people but experience similar reservations. During the interview we hone in on how an introverts approach and outlook in business is what can make a major difference.

Upon interviewing Luis I realized he sincerely cares about helping others and not only if they’re an introvert. In addition to offering the “Find Your People” course for free, Luis authors the Creative Hustlers newsletter. If you’re a freelancer or consultant who wants to level up, I highly recommend subscribing. It was actually through the Creative Hustlers newsletter that I realized Luis would be a brilliant interviewee. Before our conversation he was already giving me tips!

Luis also developed Kiwijar, a website that helps people find museums. Finally, as a full stack developer he creates custom web applications for enterprise companies. Sounds like a busy guy, right? Would you believe he even makes time for poetry? We are talking about a man who wears many hats here.

I haven’t known Luis for long. I didn’t know him very well before our interview. However, I must say that after our conversation I’m extremely grateful we connected. He’s someone you want to know and have on your side. He’s the type of person who will unselfishly teach if asked. His knowledge and generosity is apparent from the moment you connect.

If you want to learn something about introverts, prospecting, selling, BBoy culture, Milwaukee, Robert De Niro, and much more, you have come to the right place. 

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