Perspective from Experience with Stacy Tuschl – OE025

Perspective from Experience with Stacy Tuschl – OE025

Stacy Tuschl has meaningful perspective on what it takes to make a business successful because she’s done it. As a branding mastermind, Stacy has grown her company to seven figure territory with no sign of slowing down. Juggling the responsibilities of an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and business coach seems daunting but somehow Stacy manages it while giving priority to whats most important to her, family.

If you like what you hear from Stacy during our conversation, and I’m sure you will, head over to her 5-Day Brand to Expand Challenge which is running now!

• Stacy was born and raised in Milluwakee, where she still lives with her family.

• Starting a performing arts business in her parents backyard at the age of 18. “…I never saw it as as business.” – Stacy

• Growing up around a family business.

• Stacy’s mission to help other entrepreneurs build there companies and make money without sacrificing their time with family.

• Discussion on Stacy’s book, “Is Your Business Worth Saving?”. When is it time to cut sunk costs?

• What makes Stacy reliable and stand out as a business coach who helps others. “I’m digging through the last 15 years of experience” – Stacy

• Common roadblocks for new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in general. The importance of investing in your business before it’s profitable.

• Important tools for starting and running a new business.

• Use Facebook live to promote your business!

• Using your time wisely when you are still in a 9-5, outsourcing what is outside of your strengths.

• Working a 9-5 while starting a business is an advantage.

• The more you practice, the more your comfort level increases. (ex. practice Facebook live on a private group page)

• Podcasting on Facebook live.

• Stacy recommends setting 90 goals when launching and maintaining a project.

• Focus on time management. “I could never live without my Google Calendar.” – Stacy

• Write everything down. Don’t rely on memory.

• The best advice Stacy has ever received: “Don’t be the smartest person in the room.”

• Stacy’s 5-Day Brand to Expand Challenge. “It’s not just colors and fonts…we dive deep…” – Stacy

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