Newsletter Marketing with Jim Palmer – OE026

Newsletter Marketing with Jim Palmer – OE026

Jim Palmer firmly believes that newsletter marketing is one the strongest tools for building customer relations. He created No Hassle Newsletters to help business leaders craft simple yet effective newsletters that resonate with their audience. Jim is also the founder of the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. His Web TV show, Dream Business Coach TV, is packed full of useful information for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Last but not least, Jim hosts Stick Like Glue Radio, a weekly podcast based on marketing and business building.

Click HERE for your free copy of Jim’s book “Decide – The Ultimate Success Trigger”.

• Jim is from Southeastern PA, he has lived there since he was 19.

• Why Jim put together the Dream Business properties.

• “If you are going to teach something, you better have done what it is you’re teaching.” – Jim Palmer

• Discussion on the Stick Like Glue Radio podcast.

• Reasons why print newsletters are so effective and important.

• The cost of print newsletters is only a big number until you realize what the value of your customers is.

• The two modes of an entrepreneur: Cash flow mode followed by business growth mode

• How authors game the system to get a “best seller”

• Strategies for gathering physical addresses to be able to send potential clients a print newsletter

• Don’t “sell” in a newsletter. Discussion of the different types of content that should be used in a newsletter.

• Utilizing a free standing insert in a newsletter.

• “You will earn significantly more income for who you are than what you do. It’s not about the deliverable.” – Jim Palmer

• The strategy of creating celebrity expertise and anointing yourself. (You better have the goods.)

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