Lost Appeal with Andrew Lipscomb – OE030 [explicit]

Lost Appeal with Andrew Lipscomb – OE030 [explicit]

Andrew Lipscomb is the creator of Lost Appeal, a collective of artists, producers, and rappers based in Raleigh, NC with a heavy footprint in the DMV area. It started in his freshman year of high school (2011) as an outlet to create Noise music and eventually segued into an all encompassing brand that’s now nested deep in the trenches of underground rap. Under the marquee of Lost Appeal, Andrew creates streetwear clothing, manages up and coming artists such as LUVELOVESYOU and ART HOUSE, produces club shows, distributes music on the internet, and more.

• Lost Appeal is Andrew’s overall creative outlet. It originally stated out as a name he created Noise music under in his freshman year of high school. At that time he was also very into the Grindcore music scene.

Lost Appeal Shirt

• Andrew was born in Raleigh, NC and moved to “the country” of Johnston County five years later.

• During high school Andrew was depressed and had a tough time with other kids making fun of him for being into “different stuff”.

• Influenced by his Uncle, Andrew started a blog in high school called Operation Grindcore that was focused on Grindcore music and the overall scene.

• Lost Appeal transitioned from Noise music and Operation Grindcore to the Underground Rap / Soundcloud scene.

• Andrew started creating streetwear clothing under Lost Appeal and gave prints of the first shirt he created to a few rappers who actually ended up wearing them out at shows. This gave him confidence in the brands potential.

• The first few Lost Appeal shirts were designed by tattoo artists.

Lost Appeal Tape and CD

• Andrew dropped out of college after a year.

• Lost Appeal caught my attention when I moved to Raleigh.

• One of the biggest setbacks for Lost Appeal at the moment is not having the financial backing needed to accomplish Andrew’s goals. If he had an unlimited budget he would book a US tour, drop a full clothing line collection, and open a store.

• Discussing crazy experiences when putting on live events.

• Discussing how Lost Appeal solidified itself as a rap music label and it’s associated artists.

• Different methods of helping take an artists career to the next level.

• Put out content, non-stop.

• The underground is becoming the new mainstream. “The internet gave everyone a level playing field.” – Andrew

• Andrew likes supporting artists who work hard for themselves and are very DYI (ex. knowing how to produce, mix, etc. their own songs.)

• Andrew went to college for a year but dropped out after a year. He would rather learn on his own but he may eventually go back.

Operation Grindcore Cover Art

• College can be a safety night sometimes, to some people.

• Face-tattoos

• The future of Lost Appeal

• If you are going to make clothes, know that you probably will not sell much at first…but keep going.

• Don’t use where you are from or where you live as an excuse to not launch a creative endeavor. The internet makes everything possible.

• Andrew has never done a podcast interview but has been featured in a few magazines.

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