Live Streaming Works with Genecia Alluora Luo – OE029

Live Streaming Works with Genecia Alluora Luo – OE029

Live streaming is a very important component of marketing plans today. Genecia Luo, a serial entrepreneur from Singapore, joined us on OE to talk about how entrepreneurs should be using live streaming as a way to build and engage an audience. She also spoke about her most current focus, Soul Rich Woman, a mastermind community that leverages technology to help women fast track their business success.

• Genecia was born, raised, and currently lives in Singapore but has traveled the world.

• Her first experience as an entrepreneur was building a network of fitness trainers that she supplied to corporations and agencies.

• Genecia was a beauty queen who transitioned into entrepreneurship. Being a beauty queen offered opportunities but was also a double edged sword.

• Changing up personal images and going through a complete re-branding  on social media sites may be necessary and worthwhile depending on what niche of business you are getting involved in.

• Live streaming is a great way for your audience to engage with and get to know you and your brand. It builds synergy and establishes your authority in a particular field.

• Live streaming is important no matter what stage or field of business you are in. Even if you are just starting out with a new business, live streaming is a useful way to consistently “show up” so people know where they can find you.

• Cut up your live stream after it’s recorded into separate smaller videos that you can distribute as content across multiple platforms (youtube, instagram, facebook, etc.).

• The biggest struggle Genecia faced with Soul Rich Woman was the fact that no one knew the brand. People knew Genecia but not the brand she was establishing. She overcame the initial obstacles and today Soul Rich Woman has 8,000 members!

• To promote Soul Rich Woman, Genecia focuses on telling the stories of successful, everyday women as opposed to employing annoying sales tactics.

• Genecia recommends building a business with recurring income. This can be done through subscriptions, credit purchases, re-targeting individuals in the market place who have recently expressed interest in your business, and by a variety of other methods.

• “Success should be all about going beyond your own interests and having a broader impact on other peoples lives.” – Genecia

Genecia Alloura Luo
Soul Rich Woman