Layoff Leads to Opportunity with Tom Mulliez – OE028

Layoff Leads to Opportunity with Tom Mulliez – OE028

Nobody wants to get laid off. However, Tom Mulliez used the loss of his corporate job as an opportunity to start building his dream business, iTrekkers. It’s a website that helps people book guided outdoor adventures such as fishing, camping, and kayaking. In this episode Tom talks about the experience of launching a new business, growing pains in marketing, how your team can work at a higher level of efficiency, and much more.

• Tom was born in France and has since lived all over the place, including Atlanta, Costa Rica, Richmond, and Tampa.

• iTrekkers is an outdoor adventure company that allows customers to book guided outdoor adventures online.

• The company came together as a result of Tom getting laid off from Capital One as well as having poor experiences booking outdoor adventures himself.

• Tom has always loved the outdoors. His earliest outdoor adventure memory is being on a trail with his father in the North Georgia mountains.

• iTrekkers is Tom’s first entrepreneurial venture after having a number of great ideas that he never took action on.

• Tom has plans to grow the company into new markets and geographical territories.

• The biggest challenge Tom has faced is a lack of knowledge around technology including coding and digital marketing.

• iTrekkers has recently implemented the elements of Scrum process into their team.

• Paid advertising (PPC and Facebook) is currently what drives the majority of iTrekkers traffic.

• iTrekkers is currently placing a large emphasis on affiliate marketing in order to acquire new customers.

• Until implementing the elements of Scrum, Tom’s team was spending too much time on “big design”, over complicating the design process and worrying about aesthetics while other processes were lagging.

• Tom’s best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to learn on someone else’s dime, take the risk, and pick your partners wisely.

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