Keep It Moving with Jewell Green – OE007

Keep It Moving with Jewell Green – OE007

Jewell Green knows how to keep it moving. Her conception of Jewell Green Design and partnership in Frolab is evidence of the passion she has for creativity. Both companies serve a unique purpose while they remain intertwined. Jewell Green Design is focused on corporate initiatives while Frolab is geared more towards working with friends and clients on the culture side.

Claudia Chambers, who I interviewed in episode 2, introduced me to Jewell. When she told me about all the amazing things Jewell and her husband Cognito were doing with their movement “Pick Fros Not Fights”, I knew I  had to interview her. Upon checking out their websites and social media I became more intrigued. So, after persistently nagging Jewell for a few weeks, she agreed to sit down with me. Before the interview we had the chance to speak a bit. I immediately noticed her relaxed but in control demeanor. You feel compelled to chill out for a second and take a deep breath before speaking to her. This was refreshing for someone who tends to talk a mile a minute. It was also obvious that Jewell is the real deal. Her love for design and culture is palpable.

During the interview Jewell describes her conflict with the term “graphic designer.” She thinks of herself as more of a stylist. I see that change in nomenclature as a way of expressing how much care she has for her work and clients. We also spoke about the impact of Frolab’s “Pick Fros Not Fights” and what it’s true message is. This is where the “Keep It Moving” theme comes into play. One of my favorite moments is towards the end of our discussion when Jewell touches on the 90’s being a golden era in music. I have to agree with her. For all of this goodness and much more, smash that play button!

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