Intellectual Property with Bobby Klinck – OE031

Intellectual Property with Bobby Klinck – OE031

Controlling your intellectual property is an extremely important element of doing business. Washington DC based attorney Bobby Klinck knows this better than most. He helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the ins and outs of intellectual property law so they can avoid exposure to lawsuits while maximizing the capability of their creations.

• Intellectual property is your brand and the content you are creating. It’s anything intangible and it makes up the bulk of most businesses, especially online businesses.

• Bobby had no plan of becoming an intellectual property attorney out of law school. He originally wanted to work for the ACLU. At one point he was a federal prosecutor and thereafter joined a firm that was working on a small patent case. This small patent case is what led Bobby to his calling of intellectual property law.

• Bobby enjoys being involved with people who are “creating something”.

• Law School did not prepare Bobby for intellectual property, he sees law school more so as place that teaches you how to think as a lawyer.

• People will use a name (company, book, etc) they can not legally use because it is already in use.

• A mistake business owners often make is not having a written agreement with someone who has done work for you (ex. a designer creating a logo for your business).

• Under trademark law you can protect a company name, logo, slogan, etc. These elements are protected under trademark automatically as soon as you start to use it.

• Trademark is about branding. Copyright is about content.

• Bobby is finalizing a course under his “Your Online Genius” brand that will give entrepreneurs the basics they need to protect themselves and their business. It’s launching in November.

• A Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are very important to have on your website. It’s important they are correct and not misleading.

• Bobby’s main focus since roughly August has been working on, perfecting and finalizing the online course. He is confident it will help entrepreneurs and small business owners obtain the knowledge they need to have in regards to intellectual property.

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