Hip Hop Motivation with Kenyatta Griggs – OE022

Hip Hop Motivation with Kenyatta Griggs – OE022

Kenyatta Griggs grew up in Los Angeles gang territory but thanks in part to a strong family support system, it did not deter him from becoming the accomplished man he is today. He was shot 6 times and left for dead but this too did not stop him from pursuing greatness. With the spirit of a true entrepreneur, Kenyatta ended up owning the same salon he was once an employee at. By acting as if and treating every client like they were a famous movie star, rapper, or artist, he eventually created his own reality and established relationships with not only entertainers but business moguls such as Damon Dash as well. While these relationships have helped Kenyatta create incredibly inspiring, useful, and intriguing video and audio content through his company, Hip Hop Motivation Corporation, they are only a part of his story. His first project under Hip Hop Motivation Corporation is titled, “Think and Ballout”. It’s a motivational audio play inspired by Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, that Kenyatta flipped into something more relatable to the hip hop community.


(pictured left to right: Kenyatta Griggs, Damon Dash, Cam’ron)

 Growing up in Los Angeles gang territory in the 80’s

Owning a Salon that he once worked at on Crenshaw blvd.

Starting to work with celebrities, rappers, and entertainers

• Getting shot 6 times on the way to cut Method Man’s hair

Not harboring anger over being shot. “It’s a poison.”

Act as if. Fake it until you make it. Kenyatta telling his family he was working with celebrities before it actually happened. “We’re the directors of our own lives.”

State of mind. Daily rituals give us the confidence to accomplish what we desire.

The ability to learn from everyone we come across, not just business people or entrepreneurs. “I allowed myself to learn something from them (gangbangers).”

Just Ask. Why Kenyatta is not apprehensive to ask questions to anyone.

• “Insecurities come from the things you neglect.”

Turn your goal into a part time job.


Discipline the ears and eyes

Short conversation about the Damon Dash Breakfast Club interview

What Kenyatta would say to someone who does not believe they can control their own destiny. Knowledge of self.

Review of Kenyatta’s projects


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  • Brian McNeil

    This is an amazing tool, and never before has there been a process like this that has made this priceless information so accessible. This podcast and audio book series is a must have for all entrepreneurs. I have witnessed spectacular change in my life, and the lives of my close friends and family since I came across the Hip Hop Motivation (HHM) content along with the wise experience and guidance of a Master Businessman like Prof. Dash. I shared this with everyone and everyone began to pursue there own dreams of home and business ownership on a very focused level, this content provided the extra encouragement! ♡

    • James Murphy

      Thanks for checking out the episode, Brian! I was very happy to land an interview with Kenyatta. I’ve been following him for a while and knew he had a lot of valuable advice and insight to share. Best of luck!