Finding Your Niche with Christy Cash (1/3) – OE015

Finding Your Niche with Christy Cash (1/3) – OE015

Need to find your niche? Christy Cash found her niche of creating custom grills while working for a jewelry company in Los Angeles. Since then, she has went out on her own to forge a new path under the Christy Cash brand. As an entrepreneur, she is inspiring, interesting, and truly invested in the relationships she forms with clients.

In this episode Christy and I talk about:

• What makes Los Angeles great.

• Living in Los Angeles being an inspiration to Christy’s work.

•The fact Christy was not too interested in jewelry at a young age.

• Getting into jewelry school and wanting to work for Ben Baller.

• Christy’s passion for grills coming from how much she enjoys getting to know her clients.

• Habits for maintaining a high level of concentration and the luxury of not having a 9-5.

• How Christy narrowed down into her niche of creating grills, as opposed to being an overall jeweler.

• Christy is 5’2″.

• The evolution of who wears grills.

• Christy’s desire for grills to be a common piece of jewelry.

• The importance of being intentional and not broadening your product or service just to make money.

• The difficulty of working for a company that attempts to define what you do, for you.

• Hesitation in starting her own business but getting through it with a solid support system.

• Best modern day marketing tools.

• Getting business directly from instagram and word of mouth.

• Profit margin in creating and selling custom grills. Christy’s desire to make sure they are affordable.

• Christy’s plans for the future. Living in the now.

• Most important lesson is to believe in your craft. Don’t try to fit into someone’s box.

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