From Corporate to Coaching with Ellen Fields – OE024

From Corporate to Coaching with Ellen Fields – OE024

Coaching and consulting is what Ellen Fields does and it’s what she was meant to do. After spending over 35 years in the advertising business, she leaped into the life of entrepreneur and defeated breast cancer along the way.

• Ellen’s background, living in NY.

• Career in the corporate advertising business, transitioning out into coaching.

• Feeling the fear when initially facing a transition out of the corporate world.

• Beating breast cancer.

• Changing eating habits.

• What it means to be a coach, Ellen’s role.

• Ellen’s personal approach as a leader and coach.

• Becoming a coach in every aspect of life.

• The challenge of “selling” yourself to others and the need for patience.

• When it comes to your career, think about yourself first

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