Beware of Retirement with Damion Lupo – OE027

Beware of Retirement with Damion Lupo – OE027

Damion Lupo hates the word retirement. He believes as human beings we are either expanding (learning, contributing) or contracting and equates resigning oneself to retirement with throwing in the proverbial towel. As an entrepreneur Damion has ran over 30 companies ranging from video games to his latest creation, Total Control Financial, which resides in the world of financial technology. Damion also follows the 10x rule which you will hear him explain during our conversation. One of his major goals is to help people make a habit out of thinking bigger and playing to win as opposed to playing not to lose.

• Damion is from Alaska and currently lives in Texas.

• He has started over 30 different businesses ranging from real estate to video games.

• Damion follows and believes in the 10x rule (think BIGGER).

• Discussion on “blank slating”. Starting over with a blank canvas gives us the chance to create a life by design instead of by default.

• How Damion’s latest project, Total Control Financial, came together.

• Playing to win vs. playing not to lose.

• The purpose of Total Control Financial is to give people control over their financial future.

• Discussion on the eQRP investment.

• Damion strongly dislikes the word retirement. “Retirement was all about retiring things that were obsolete.” -Damion Lupo

• “You are either growing or dying. It’s a choice.” -Damion Lupo

• Story of Damion starting his first business, a book store out of his dorm room that competed with the school’s own book store.

• Snowball effect of taking action.

• Discussion on treating mistakes as learning opportunities.

• The benefit of youthful naivety.

• Total Control Financial is Damion’s favorite business because it’s based off an important mission and genuine values.

•  Best advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs: learn from what has come before you and don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help.

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