Alternative View of Failure with Troye Wallett – OE013

Alternative View of Failure with Troye Wallett – OE013

Troye Wallett has an alternative view of failure. Actually, he doesn’t think we should look at our endeavors in those terms. Instead, he believes the process of experimentation should be the crux of our undertakings. So, who is Troye Wallett? He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a Doctor. Last but not least, he’s my first international guest on Obscure Entrepreneur.

Along with his partner Sebastian, Troye created GenWise, a company dedicated to improving the standard of health care for the aged in Australia. When I think about the process for starting a company in the medical world, the first thing that strikes me is how difficult it must be. Regardless of what country you live in, there is a plethora of laws and policies that exist. Navigating those waters must be treacherous. So, that’s how it seems to me at least. It was interesting to hear Troye’s point of view on this.

Troye’s insight on everything from how to go about finding the right partner to not rushing your business is greatly intriguing. He dropped a lot of knowledge gems during our conversation and it was an honor to speak with him. As a listener, the most actionable part of our conversation will stems from Troye’s description of failure and experimentation. When you remove the word “failure” as a descriptor for an outcome, you reduce the pressure we place on ourselves to feel as though we have “learned something” from an unsuccessful endeavor.

In other words, don’t hold back. Try everything. Experiment now. Experiment over and over again!


  • Stacey Putland

    inspiring stuff Troye! I particularly love the ‘treat it like an experiment’ approach – you’re right – so freeing! feeling very excited to conduct a few experiments with my home medicines reviews in next few months!